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About Our Sanctuary

After years of animal advocacy,  Two Trees Sanctuary was approved for 501(c)3 status as an animal welfare nonprofit organization. 

Based in Georgia, we represent the rights of animals everywhere. Our team and volunteers work tirelessly to save animal lives and promote animal welfare.

From domesticated pets to farm and native animals, we advocate for the most vulnerable animal populations. We believe that each and every life is precious, deserving to be treated humanely with a chance to live happily and cruelty-free.


Meet Our Directors


Heather Brooks

President/Rescue & Rehome Coordinator

Brooks is a retired Navy veteran, committed to her lifelong goal of creating a nonprofit animal sanctuary.  Not only has she raised and trained many dogs and horses over time, she also spent many years as a professional groomer and animal photographer.  She feels most connected to her soul's purpose when she is surrounded by animals, using all her available time dedicated to their welfare.  One of her ultimate goals for Two Trees Sanctuary is to develop a program where rescued dogs can be service trained and placed in the homes of veterans all over the nation.